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Khanna And Iyer Movie Review


Starring Aditi Sharma and Sarwar Ahuja who had won the talent hunt on ZEE TV, Khanna and Iyer touches upon an intercaste marriage. Prescribed to be a romantic comedy, Khanna and Iyer is one of those many low budget movie that are recently being made. So does Khanna and Iyer hit the jackpot? Or does it fall without a noise? Check out what critics all over have to say about Khanna and Iyer.

Taran Adarsh — “KHANNA & IYER tries to be different, but ends being the same kahani moviegoers have witnessed a zillion times.”

Movie Rating – 1.5/5

Rajeev Masand — “I know of several bad films that have at least some redeeming quality, but Khanna & Iyer is one of those rare films that has nothing right about it, it’s an error of judgement on the part of everyone who worked on it..Go stick pins in your eyes, that’s probably less painful than watching this film.”

Movie Rating – 0/5

Aditi Sharma and Sarvar Ahuja

Sanjay Ram — “Khanna and Iyer leaves you with a throbbing headache. You are better off not watching a film this week, save that cash.”

Movie Rating – 0.5/5

Sukanya Verma — “Without beating abound the bush, Khanna & Iyer is, at best, a tribute to utter stupidity. It has no story, no romance, no fun, and no reason for being.

Movie Rating – 1/5

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