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Delhii Heights Movie Review


Delhii Heights is another of the small films that hits the Box Office this week. The music by Rabbi Shergill was appreciated and found to be soothing. Let’s see if the movie is as as soothing as the music. Here’s what the critics have to say.

Sanjay Ram — “For a film to hold its audience, it should have a story compelling enough to tell. Delhii Heights is nowhere near compelling, nor is it told well.”

Movie Rating – 1/5

Rajeev Masand — “There’s no real plot to this film, the characters in Delhi Heights are dull, uni-dimensional and have no personality at all.”

Movie Rating -1/5

Martin D’Souza — “The movie balances on a weak script and as a result comes crashing down much before it even takes off. “

Movie Rating – 1/5

Taran Adarsh — “Barring the Jimmy-Neha track and to an extent, Rohit-Simone track, the other stories only add to the length of the film. Had the director concentrated on limited characters, the results would’ve been better.”

Movie Rating -1.5/5

Naomi Dutta — ” Delhi Heights is shockingly amateur – and even an otherwise efficient actor like Jimmy Shergill hams unbearably .”

Movie Rating -1/5

Delhii Heights Movie Image

Meetu Nair — “After a long long while, watching a bad movie did not make me grit my teeth in anger. It made me laugh in despair.”

Movie Rating -2/5

Nikhil Kumar — ” On the whole, ‘Delhi Heights’ is a piece of mediocre, amateurish cinema. The movie is a downer. ”

Movie Rating -1/5

Raja Sen — “What would possess you to go watch this film? A very pertinent question, that. Don’t be misled by Rabbi Shergill’s Dilli, an admittedly evocative ode to the city. It plays during the end credits and you’re way better off catching snippets of it on a music channel. So what else is left? Um, nothing, really.”

Movie Rating – 1/5

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