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Pritam talks about music of Metro


Music director Pritam has completely gone agog with the success of his latest compositions for the film Metro. With positive reviews from all over the country, no reason why one should hide their excitement. “The music of Metro is the top seller at music stores in the last three days. This is the first time this is happening to me”, says he.

Seems like Pritam has given his heart and soul out to the music of the film. “In college I used to be doing this kind of music and this is what I actually enjoy.”

From Raga to Rock

By now it is common knowledge that Pritam had formed a Rock band for the music of the film. “It was necessary that the whole soundtrack of the film be completely Rock as there is a Rock band in it. Initially I was very skeptical in terms of how we could pull this off as Rock is a new sound in Bollywood. If it was just a band album, it would have been simpler. All you have to do is form a band and make the music. However, a film album is going to compete with other film albums. So making a band and keeping the flavour of the film was challenging”, he went onto say.

“Hot funk, cold punk, even if its old junk, it’s still rock and roll to me.” – Billy Joel

Is it you regular Band baaja? We think not. “Anurag told me to be a part of the band and James came in as well. Then I started auditioning for the band. Sohail and Soham who had sung with me earlier were roped in. This band was formed only for the film but after we shot a video, I felt that we should take this band forward. So we are going to cut another album which will be independent of Metro. The reason for this is because we can create good sound with the members and with my music capabilities. Milatri is also part of the band and is a great guitar player. His sound is an integral part of Metro and will continue with the band. Eric Pillai does the mixing completely.”


“Rock and Roll: Music for the neck downwards.” – Keith Richards, Rolling Stones.

The whole idea of In Dino Dil Mera has come from Anurag. In Dino Dil Mera is the fastest song I have ever made in my life. Kar Salaam has also got a very funny story around it. It was based on a Bodo tribe of Assam. They have a typical dance form called Bagarumba. We were discussing different dance forms of India and my Assamese assistant was showing me how they do their typical Assamese dance. The melody he was humming with it sounded pretty catchy. So I said let us make a rock version of it. So Kar Salaam is the rock version of thousands of years old Bodo folk song.

Composing for Kareena for Kya Love Story Hai.

“Director Lovely Singh has done excellent work in making the video. I think it is going to rock the nation.”

On a parting note: Mixing Music and marriage.

“I’m working like a mad person. My wife will leave me soon because she is already getting upset that I return home at four in the morning.”Interview Courtesy: Pritam

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  1. Comment by Adnan

    I want Pritam’s mail adress

  2. Comment by Rashi

    Hello Pritam this is Rashi. I’m your biggest biggest fan. I really like your style of compositions. I find you very different from other music directors. Sometimes I think your taste in music really matches with me. I sing Indian classical and bollywood songs. I want to be a bollywood playback singer. I’m doing BTEC national diploma in western music in London. I’ll be really pleased if you can give me a break.

  3. Comment by nilankur

    Rashi r u still intereted in pursuing a career in bollywood, or specially with pritam!

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