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The Namesake Movie Review


Mira Nair who gave us such great films like Salaam Bombay and Monsoon Wedding is back with her latest movie Namesake. The Namesake has achieved much critical acclaim and appreciation at various film festivals. Expectations are huge. Infact VERY HUGE. So does Namesake live upto the expectations or like many other films fall flat without a whimper. Here’s what the critics have got to sake about Namesake.

Rajeev Masand — “Despite all its beauty and despite the fact that it’s a warm, poignant and a relatable story, The Namesake does not dig as deep as Mira Nair’s Monsoon Wedding did.Compared to that film, The Namesake only skims the surface and isn’t quite able to get under the skin of its characters.

Movie Rating – 3/5


Taran Adarsh — ” On the whole, THE NAMESAKE is a classy product that caters to a niche audience mainly — those who appreciate qualitative cinema. At the box-office, it’s a film for very select multiplexes

Movie Rating – 3.5/5



Joginder Tuteja — “If you are looking for an entertaining 120 minutes while watching THE NAMESAKE then let’s make it clear at the very onset – the film is hardly entertaining.”

Movie Rating – 2/5



Meetu Nair — “High on emotions and jerking tears along the way, Namesake is worth a watch just for the performances. The beauty lies in the depth of the relationships touched upon. This is one of those rare occasions where how the story is told consumes the audience rather than the story itself.”

Movie Rating – 4/5

The Namesake Movie

GaRaM — “The content of the story is such that it fits more into a literature format than a cinematic experience.The Namesake keeps you glued, more for its storytelling than the actual story itself.

Movie Rating – 2.5/5



Subash K. Jha — “ Mira Nair’s new film is so tender at heart you often forget these are actors enacting scenes from a well-known Pulitzer-prize winning novel.”

Movie Rating – 4/5


Sreeram Ramachandran –Namesake, although not very fast paced and not an entertainer keeps you interested.

Movie Rating – Timepass


Naomi Dutta —- ” So all in all, given that her source material was rather mediocre, Mira Nair’s has done a good job with this gentle, heartwarming film – only to be expected!

Movie Rating – 3/5


Merril Diniz — “Though the premise sounds flimsy, The Namesake breathes life into the book’s characters by leaps and bounds, expanding the central idea to encompass a whole lot more.”

Movie Rating – 3.5/5


Aparajita Ghosh — “The element of realism has been very strong in all of Nair’s films. ‘The Namesake’, too, is very realistic and credible, not just in its look but also in the way the story has been treated and presented by Mira Nair.

Movie Rating – 3/5




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