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Namaste London Movie Review


After delivering hits like Aaankhen and Waqt,Vipul Shah is back with Namastey London. Starring the angelic Katrina Kaif and the dashing Akshay Kumar, Namastey London is expected to be a perfect commercial potboiler. So will Vipul Shah deliver a Hattrick of hits with Namaste London? Let’s hear what the Bollywood critics have to say …

Taran Adarsh — ” To sum up, NAMASTEY LONDON is addictive stuff. You watch it once, you wanna watch it again! NAMASTEY LONDON fits the description  of a true-blue Hindi film to the T. ”

Movie Rating – 3.5/5

Meetu Nair — ” The entertainment in the movie is very sporadic. But it’s the reinforced stereotypes that got tiring. ”

Movie Rating – 2.5/5

Rajeev Masand — “Namastey London certainly has its heart in the right place. But sadly it goes about making its point in the stupidest manner. Namastey London is  sweet and it’s simple but that’s just the question – do we still have an appetite for steamed rice when everyone else is eating biryani?”

Movie Rating – 2/5

Nikhil Kumar — “In a nutshell, ‘Namastey London’ is a well-made film that provides all-round entertainment for young moviegoers and family crowds as well. The film is definitely worth a watch.”

Movie Rating – 3/5

Gaurav Malani —” In one of the dialogues of the film Katrina says, “I don’t watch Hindi films”. If Bollywood continues to churn more films like Namastey London, it won’t be long when we all will be mouthing the same dialogue. ”

Movie Rating -1/5

Namaste London

Naomi Dutta — “‘Namaste London’ is plain silly – but having said that it is a time pass entertainer”

Movie Rating -2/5 

Sukanya Verma — ” With all its minuses and plus, this fancy repackaging of the East-against-West-values featuring vivacious stars, light humour and cool locations, is effortless to watch.”

Movie Rating – 2.5/5 

Lidia Ostepeev — “Namastey London is light, well paced and imaginative within clichéd confines. There is no emotional grip here, but lots of charm in the portrayal of family relations and the development of a pleasing romance.”

Movie Rating – 6.5/10 

Sanjay Ram — ” The film is a good watch if you enjoy commercially driven moral stories. Namastey London makes for a decent watch and is a must see for all NRIs”

Movie Rating – 2.5/5 

Amit R Agarwal — “Vipul Amrutlal Shah’s latest film Namaste London is neither unconventional nor makes an impact on the minds of the viewers. It leaves one wondering as to what issue the director is trying to address.”

Movie Rating -  4/10

Subash K. Jha — ” Watching Namastey London is like chewing on a gum whose flavour retains its favour much longer than you expect.”

Movie Rating – 3/5 

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  1. Comment by anil

    namestey lonon is very good film

  2. Comment by zainab

    namaste london is absoloutley fantastic
    it is a film worth watching.
    verry funny and emotional.

  3. Comment by S.M.Khurram Quaseem

    Due to my time constraints, I only watch really good movies and I must say it is one of them. I was not expecting the film to be that much good when I purchased the DVD. Infact the DVD stayed in my shelf for 2 weeks until one day my sister told me on the phone to watch this movie.

    Beautiful and Innocent Katrina – with western and wonderful dresses that looks so natural on her – plus Akshay looks so dashing. I am inspired how he is transforming himself to a better actor with every passing day.

    In short, a must watch.


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