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Watch Laree Choote From Ek Chaalis Ki Last Local


The music of Ek Chalis Ki Last Local is not exactly creating waves in the music industry. But one song definitely has the audience dancing to it’s tune. Yes, I am talking about Laree Choote. The song is currently been shown on all music channels to help garner publicity for the movie.

The music of Laree Choote is given by the famous Pakistani Band Call. Beginning with Abhay Deol’s narration of the punch line ”Wo Kehte Hain Na, Jo Hota Hai Acche Ke Liye Hota Hai…Galat Kehte Hain“, the number ‘Laree Choote’ has the sound of a train chugging away in the background. From this point on the theme music begins that has Xulfi of Call The Band writing and rendering the number.

Revolving around how life changes its course with situations and circumstances, ‘Laree Chutti’ is a well orchestrated number with guitar as an instrument which is a steady companion and also a female voice in the background (why hasn’t she being credited?).

A promotional track that has a rock base to it while giving an experience of a new sound, it moves at a decent pace without letting the music take over the essence of the song. But I must mention here that the choreography and picturisation of the song is not as one would expect it to be. In this aspect the song disappoints.DJ Suketu and Aks come up with a ‘remix version’ at the end of the album which is obviously fast paced and has that zing effect in it which makes it a good club/dance floor track. The song is definitely worth a listen. But, sadly cannot say so about the entire album of Ek Chalis Ki last Local.

Here’s video of Laree Choote from Ek Challis Ki Last Local

Xulfi hopes that after singing in Bollywood he will get international fame.“In India film music controls the music industry but in Pakistan the music industry is independent so there is a better chance for music to grow. But the Indian film industry is an international film industry so those who work here have that international exposure,” said the rock singer of The Call band in Pakistan.“I hope that with this song we also grow famous internationally,” he believes.

Xulfi dons many hats. He has moved from producer to composer and now he has donned the hat of a singer.

“I was a singer and I have sung songs but I had a softer voice for this movie. There was another singer who was supposed to give his voice but it was not matching. Then I practised a lot and did it.”

He shares an interesting anecdote about the song with us. “When I got a call for Ek Chalis Ki Local song it was 1.30 am. I just had a short brief of the story and then within 30 min I wrote the song. Kaya huwaa jo larri chuti,” he says.

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  1. Comment by NITISH


  2. Comment by anshuman

    its definitely a very pleasant music listen

  3. Comment by Sarah

    luv de song maan ..Osm …different buh kewl ..xulfi ..yu cn sing dude …Hats off ta ya ..

  4. Comment by Anas

    As a Pakistani, this really makes me furious. This song was by CALL whoch is pakistani band and so is XULFI who dirested. This song was dedicated to Inzi and Woolmer after Pakistan’s worst week in cricket history to make them feel better. This was specially for inzi and cricket sinc ethey were having the worst time. And what does india do? they fucking take the song and put it in their movie and then infect it with their dialogues. Typical fucking Indians is all i can say. India has been stealing many songs from pakistan and putting them in their movies, i was ok with that until they took the song dedicated to our captain and coach and the team who r having the worst time of their life.

  5. Comment by Movie Tonic

    It’s true Anas that Indian’s have been copying songs from Pakistan, I am soon going to post about that do check out.

    But here there is no fault of Indians, Xulfi was the one who sold the song to the producers of Laree Choote. Had the song been so important for Pakistan, Xulfi shouldnt have sold it. Blame Xulfi for that not India.

  6. Comment by Anas

    yes, u have gotta point .. may b i am wrong abt the dedication cuz i have only heard it and dont have reliable source … but whtever singers themselves SELL their songsa but still as aPakistani, it hurts

  7. Comment by Movie Tonic

    hey anas check this post, .
    Pritam has blatantly copied the Lamha Lamha song from a Pakistani film. Shame on Pritam for doing that.

  8. Comment by jazi

    Was this song actually written for Inzi?

  9. Comment by Anas

    yepp will do .. thx … by the way i like ur blog

  10. Comment by Movie Tonic

    thanks anas and do keep visiting and do click on the google ads tooo…. that would help me maintain the site :)

  11. Comment by AJAY

    What a gret video clip i really enjoy it.

  12. Comment by Rohit

    Awesome Song
    Neha is lookin Sensational

  13. Comment by Rajesh

    Hey , Im indian and Xulfi rocks, its a great song… but how on god’s sake has it been filimed? there is no connection between the song lyrics and the way its been picturised!! the director is out of his mind!!!

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