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Get Close With The Stars From Khanna And Iyer


 Khanna & Iyer is the launch pad for the winners of India’s Best Cinestars Ki Khoj, Aditi Sharma and Sarvar Ahuja,into Bollywood.

“I play Nandini Iyer who loves South Indian food like idlis and dosas and loves Aryan Khanna as much,” says actress Aditi Sharma.

“I play Aryan Khanna who loves Nandini more than aloo ke parathe,” adds actor Sarvar Ahuja.

Khanna & Iyer is another small film from the big Mukta Arts banner, a love story with a comic take on the North-South divide.

The lead actors, Aditi Sharma and Sharvar Ahuja are actually winners of a talent hunt.

Their two year long wait to realise their dreams, has finally ended with Khanna & Iyer hitting theatres, followed by another film Kuch khatta Kuch Meetha.

Aditi Sharma is a determined woman who wants to do “serious cinema which will broadcast a social message”. This makes her equally clear about the type of roles she’ll turn down. “I will never do a film like Murder. After winning the Zee contest I was forced to do a lot of introspection. To that extent the contest was a journey of self discovery. I have become quite clear about what is purposive cinema and what are my values,” says Sharma.

“Good banners, good films and a good storylines are what we need for our careers to take off,”says Sharvar.

Sarvar and Aditi

While the film is actually small in terms of budget and release, the team behind Khanna & Iyer are confident that the realistic story peppered with comic takes will definitely hit the mark.

“Even within my own family, I have seen prejudice of this kind against inter-caste marriages,” says Aditi hoping that her debut film will amply address real life problems.

“There are many funny dialogues which are misinterpreted by the parents of the two. It makes for a great view,” says the director of the film, Hemant Hegde.

When speaking about the actors Hemant Hegde says , “Both are good and if they weren’t, how would they have won the contest. They are good but the only problem is that they have to be told about the camera angles. They got it fast and within one week they were groomed. They have 100 percent commitment in their work. There is a kind of freshness, honesty and appeal they have which is magnetic.”

So while the dual flavoured Khanna & Iyer will serve out its dish of love and laughs, the tumbling fate of small films in the box office this season might sour the taste a little.

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