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Khanna And Iyer Movie Preview


Khanna and Iyer marks the debut of Sarvar Ahuja and Aditi Sharma. The two actors had actually been found from a talent hunt competition by Zee Telefilms, namely India’ Best Cine-Stars Ki Khoj. After a rather long wait their film has finally seen the dawn of the day.

Faced with conflicting cultural values and beliefs of their families, Aryan Khanna (Sarvar Ahuja) and Nandini Iyer (Aditi Sharma) have run away from home. While on the run, a series of unforeseen circumstances unfold and unknown to them a CD containing proof of relationship between a known politician and infamous terrorist Donga lands up in their bag. Chased by their parents, cops and terrorists in the jungle of Lal Dora; what ensues then is series of adventures and misadventures.

Khanna and Iyer wallpaper

Would their parents overcome animosity for the sake of their children? Would they survive between the crossfire of cops and the terrorist? And most importantly, would the young love survive the reality check of life?

The plot seems rather cliche. A story of parents as sworn enemies and children as lovers has been time and again seen on the Bollywood screen. So will Khanna and Iyer be the old wine in a new bottle? We will just have to wait and watch.

Khanna and Iyer Theatrical Trailer

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