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Movie Preview Of Kya Love Story Hai


Kya Love Story Hai is a film about a care-free and rebellious youth, Arjun (Tusshar Kapoor), who experiences love at first sight with Kaajal (Ayesha Takia) but too afraid of conveying his feelings.

He follows her for some time before breaking the ice. For Kaajal, Arjun is a mere acquaintance.

A situation arises when Kaajal comes across a love letter written by Arjun. The letter is not addressed to anyone. So Kaajal is not aware whom he is referring to.

Deliberately, Arjun asks her how she would reciprocate to his love if she were the girl he was in love with.

Kaajal’s reply leaves Arjun stunned with silence. What’s more, he mysteriously disappears from her life for a short period.

Kya Love Story Hai

In the meantime, a successful but snobbish entrepreneur (Karan) meets Kaajal.

After some heated verbal scuffles with her, he concludes that she would make an appropriate life-partner. That’s because she would bring some stability into his life.

When Arjun reappears onto the scene, he finds Kaajal engaged to the entrepreneur!

Destiny has entangled three hearts but who will emerge victorious? Who will make the grand gesture?

The climax offers the viewer a fulfilling experience of teenage romance. Kya Love Story Hai is a feel-good romantic comedy focusing on young love.

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«« First Look of Kya Love Story Hai  |  A Satirical Look At Bollywood Films in 2007 »»