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Mira Nair’s Exclusive Interview


She has always made films that have something new to say and now director Mira Nair has her fingers crossed for her home country’s reaction to her film The Namesake.

Archita Kashyap: How real are the characters of Ashima, Ashok and Gogol? You have lived in the US and seen Indians there, how much of reality exists in a character like Ashima even today?

Mira Nair: These characters speak volumes because they are utterly real and the fact is that the more local and specific one becomes in filmmaking, the more universal it is. This film is doing overwhelmingly well at the box office in America. They are amazed and so am I. I feel so happy because there are no goras in this picture which is set in the US.

Archita Kashyap: Your films have a touch of people going away from home, re-settling and the confusion that follows such a change. Is this a subject that is close to your heart?

Mira Nair: Jhumpa Lahiri’s The Namesake is such a stunning story. But at its heart it’s about losing your parent in a country, which is not your home. And I had experienced that loss. It was in that moment of mourning and grief that I read The Namesake and that is when I felt that I should drop everything and make this film.

Archita Kashyap: What is happening to Shantaram and Gangsta MD?

Mira Nair
: I am deeply immersed in Shantaram. I am working on the script right now. We hope to get everything sorted by May and shoot from November to March because it is a huge movie based in four continents. And we have Johnny Depp playing Shantaram and Amitabh Bachchan playing Kader Bhai. So, it is an amazing combination. But the rest of the casting will begin in June.

Gangster MD which is my African-American remake of Munnabhai MBBS. I am going to produce this film but not direct it because Shantaram is going to keep me really busy.

Archita Kashyap: How does it feel to be confused with director Deepa Mehta all the time?

Mira Nair: (Laughs) Well, we are good friends. So, it does not hurt that much. But we are very different filmmakers. We have different sensibilities. I always joke that we are the Charlie’s Angels of Punjab.
Archita Kashyap: Thank you so much for talking to us and also for bringing Johnny Depp to India.

Mira Nair: (Laughs) My pleasure.

Interview Courtesy : IBNLIVE.COM

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