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Just Married Movie Review


Along with Hattrick, Just Married starring Fardeen Khan and Esha Deol hits the screens this Friday. Directed by Meghna Gulzar, the movie promises to be a family entertainer. But does Miss Gulzar manage to salvage some pride this time round with Just Married or is it another bore like her earlier Filhaal. Read the reviews from Bollywood’s top critics and decide for yoursel, whether you want to watch or skip this movie.

Taran Adarsh — “ The first hour is at least tolerable, but the second half goes down completely. The screenplay is devoid of drama and what you watch is a repetition and reflection of sequences that you watched in the first hour.

Movie Rating – 1.5/5 

Naomi Dutta  — “ It is just a pleasant plod which moves along sluggishly and inoffensively.You can watch this film – don’t expect a particularly memorable film but don’t expect a headache either!

Movie Rating – 2.5/5

Ashok Nayak — “Meghna Gulzar tries hard to even make serious scenes look funny, but falls flat. As a writer too, she fails. The audience just cannot connect with the 2 lead characters of Just Married.

Movie Rating – 1/5 

Subash K. Jha — “ Perhaps… Just Married aims to portray marriage in mellow pastel colours. There are no over-the-top interludes, no moments in the film that the director’s mentors – Mukherjee and Gulzar – would frown at.  “

Movie Rating – 2.5/5 

Patcy N — “Just Married does not have a story. It is just a series of incidences — lovers’ tiffs, romantic rendezvous, a walkout, and more. If you have seen HoneyMoon Travels Private Limited you can give Just Married a miss.

Movie Rating – 2.5/5 

Aparajita Ghosh — “Meghna’s direction is more confident this time than her previous movie ‘Filhaal’. Although the film becomes a tad slow in the middle, it picks up pace in the last half hour. In a nutshell, ‘Just Married’ makes for a timepass watch.

Movie Rating – 2/5

Martin D’ Souza — “Meghana’s second offering after FILHAAL falls short of the mark.

Movie Rating – 2/5

Fatema Kagalwala  — “The pace of the film is slow, not really a hindrance but after a point, an irritant when things just do not seem to be moving along. Watch Just Married without any expectations.

Movie Rating – 2.5/5

Vaibhav Wankhede— ” An ad for Go-Air extended into a full length feature.”

Movie Rating – Bakwaas

Amit Agarwal — “Just Married is a fizzled out attempt at trying to raise laughters at the cost of a newly wedded couple.

Movie Rating – 3.5/10 

Joginder Tuteja — “Overall, JUST MARRIED is an okay-dokay movie that could just be one of yours lazy Sunday afternoon DVD watch with your spouse.

Movie Rating – 2/5 

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