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Hattrick Movie Review


Barring Lagaan and to some extent Iqbal, cricket movies or for that matter sports related Bollywood films barely do well at the box-office. This week, Hattrick releases at the Box Office and it attempts to catch onto the World Cup Fever. So howz the movie? Is Hattrick worth a watch? Read on to know….

Storyline – Describing the story of Hattrick is a tough task, as Hattrick doesn’t have a story to offer in the first place. Anyway, I shall make an attempt. The name Hattrick comes from the fact that there are three stories running parellely through the film. Oh Wow, how creative. It must have surely taken a whole lot of geniuses to conjure up the title. Anyway enough of sarcasm, lets get back to the story.

Story 1 —- Dr. Satyajeet Chavan (Nana Patekar) is a strict disciplinarian, no-nonsense doctor who simply hates cricket.While David Abraham (Danny Denzongpa) is a cricketer who breathes and lives cricket. When Danny gets admitted to the hospital, he tries to break all the rules of the hospital in order to catch onto the Cricket World Cup. But Nana acts as a barrier between him and the television set. Nana will not allow a television set on his hospital’s premises and Danny will not stop until he gets to watch the World Cup. Who wins the battle Nana or Danny? You need not be a genius to answer that question. Ya, that’s about with the first story of Hattrick. And trust me this is the best story that the movie has to offer. So you can imagine what the rest of the stories will be like.


DAnny anfd Nana in Hattrick movie

Story 2 —- Hemu Patel (Paresh Rawal) is one of those Indians who has left his homeland with dreams of a good living in England. But he manages to get the job of a sweeper in England and is utterly frustrated with his life. Now after living 10 years in England, his only dream is to get a U.K. Citizenship, so that he can get a better job and then go home proudly. This story of an “Indian Abroad” and his problems has been seen time and again on the silver screen. And there is nothing new that Hattrick showcases.


Paresh Rawal in Hattrick

Story 3 —- Saby (Kunal Kapoor) is a cricket crazy fan, who prefers cheering for Sachin and Dhoni than enjoying his Suhaag- Raat with Kashmira( Rimi Sen). Rimi is fed up with her husband’s antics and in an attempt to spend time with him, she decides to watch cricket with him. But more than cricket she takes a liking to a cricketer, namely Dhoni. Seeing his wife bowled over by Dhoni, Mr. Kunal becomes the jealous husband and fights start taking place in their marriage. Now that’s what I call the perfect example of a perfectly STUPID story. The director also must have understood that there was no story to tell here, so he simply gives Kunal and Rimi some songs to dance onto whenever they come onto the screen.


Kunal Kapoor and Rimi Sen in Hatrick

And if you people thought there was to be any connection between the stories, then yes there is. The creative team of Hattrick after months of brain storming thought out a wonderful solution on how to link all the stories. The connection (link) being that all of the main characters love the game of cricket. Now that’s surely a geniuses brain at work.

So that’s a BIG THUMBS DOWN from me to the story of Hattrick.


Acting —- Nana Patekar as always is reliable and gives a good show despite his flimsy character. Danny is strictly ok. Paresh Rawal is very good and fits into the character perfectly. Rimi Sen shows a lot of cleavage and flesh as she had done in Dhoom. Acting-wise she is a big zero but anyway we do not mind that. Kunal Kapoor will have all girls whistling as he too bares all and even performs a strip-tease. As for looks, he is the perfect Greek-God but as far acting is concerned a Greek Dog could perform better. Kunal do not mind me saying, but dude you ham BIG TIME. You’ve got the looks and I would pity you if you do not make it big in the Bollywood World.

So as far as acting is concerned, THUMBS UP to Nana Patekar and Paresh Rawal. THUMBS DOWN to all the rest.


Music —- Pritam generates a good score. Raba Kher Khare, Wicket Bacha and Coming Home Again being the pick of the lot. Although the songs are hummable the problem arises that they are just put into the film for the sake of it. And end up consuming screen time as well as your patience.

So then it’s a THUMBS UP for Pritam’s score and a THUMBS DOWN for the song placement in the movie.

Direction —- Milan Luthria does not show talent as a director as he does not manage to draw out good performances from the bad actors. The good actors, like Nana and Paresh will always act well. But the real talent of a director is show-cased when he can draw out good performances from the bad actors and Milan fails at that. Also Milan fails to provide any strong moments in the film that the audience can treasure once they leave the theatre.

So that’s a THUMBS DOWN to the director Milan Luthria for his amateurish direction.


Final Verdict — Hattrick promised a lot through it’s trailers but it only managed to strengthen the saying — “Promises are meant to be broken”. With cricket as a back-drop and a good story to tell, Hattrick could have been a gold mine but with it’s abysmal story Hattrick fails miserably. To all you cricket and non-cricket lovers, stay at home and watch a Scotland and Netherlands match, that shall be far more entertaining than watching Hattrick on the Big Screen.


Rating — 3/10 . Wow now that’s what I call a Hattrick.

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