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Rakhee Ke Bouncers

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Bouncers? What’s going in your mind guys? Ok, common you perverts, stop fantasizing. Sorry to disappoint you guys but Rakhee Ke Bouncers is just the name of Rakhee Sawant’s new show on Filmy Channel.
With the world cup fever hitting the nation, FILMY, in its continuous endeavor to give its viewers the best has launched a new presentation ‘Rakhee ke Bouncers’. The show has the sizzling Rakhee Sawant teaming up with seasoned comedian Suresh Menon to add a different dimension of entertainment to the World Cup. Rakhee Ke Bouncers is packaged a 3-minute vignette format which will air through the day on FILMY, starting March 23.

Rakhi Ke Bouncers

In Rakhee Ke Bouncers, Rakhee and Suresh will give their comments on cricket terminology, match results, statistics etc., in their inimitable, funny style.

Rakhee Sawant plays a ‘bindaas bimbette commentator’, who knows all about fashion and films but nothing about cricket. Suresh Menon plays her co-commentator, appearing on the show in different avatars of famous film like Sidhu, Srikanth, Tendulkar, Nana Patekar and Dilip Kumar to name a few.

Talking about the show, Shailesh Kapoor, Marketing & Content Head of FILMY, added: “In sharp contrast to all the serious World Cup analysis on various channels, our show promises light-hearted humor and a twisted look at cricket. Rakhee is one of the most exciting faces on television today, and in Rakhee Ke Bouncers, our viewers will see her in a new, comic role. Cricket can’t get hotter and more glamorous than this!”

Rakhee claims to love cricket and be an ardent follower of it. When asked, what a fine leg in cricket meant. Rakhee raised her leg, and said, “In my language, this is fine leg.And we guys at movietonic love that answer.

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