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Box Office Report


There were as many as four films released this Friday namely Red, 1971, Water and Sarhaad-Paar. So with a plethora of films at the box -office did the distributors go smiling all the way to the bank or did they become bankrupt. Read onto know.

  • Red Box-Office Report

Red box office report

After being trashed by the critics all over, no one thought the movie will do well. And it sure didn’t do well.

Result : Paisa Barbaad

  • 1971 Box-Office Report

1971 Box-Office Report

 Despite recieving praise for its execution and strong script and screenplay, 1971 fell like a pack of cards. The reason being that it catered on ly to a select audience and lacked the backing of big stars.

Result : Paisa Barbaad

  • Water Box-Office Report

    Wate Box office Report

An Oscar tag wasn’t enough to save the film from being a flop. Even though critics went all ga-ga over the film. It’s nemesis being that it catered to only a niche multiplex audience. People rejected it even before watching it.

Result : Paisa Barbaad

  • Sarhaad -Paar Box Office Report

Sarhaad Paar Box Office


Blasted away by critics, the audience too rejected it. The movie looked like old wine in an old bottle. The audience were neither impressed with the wine nor with the bottle.

Result: Paisa Barbaad



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  1. Comment by DJ (Download Hindi Songs)

    “Paisa Barbaad”, Well said! Can’t believe all 4 of them turned out to be flops. Even Water.

  2. Comment by Movie Tonic

    Yup, Water though critically acclaimed was just for an elite multiplex audience, masses rejected it and hence it became a FLOP.

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  4. Comment by lokman

    hallo whoar you? i ame faine

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