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KANK Deleted Scenes


Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna may have not been KJo’s best film to date but it sure was different. Karan Johar dared to be different but the problem was that he did not go completely different. He tried to play it safe by adding those typical lavish mansions, unwanted songs, etc. That was the basic problem with the film, trying to prepare a lavish biryani, Karan ended up making a stale khichidi.

Anyways, here are some scenes that were deleted from the movie, obviously to reduce the length of the movie which in it’s edited form was also close to 150 minutes. So go and view the deleted scenes that you could not watch on your big-screen

Deleted KANK Scene  # 1

You saw Dev’s pack of kids loose with the Britisher’s.  And here is the match sequence between Dev’s team and the Britisher’s where they manage to take revenge. Shot very well the scene should have been kept in the movie.


Deleted KANK Scene # 2 

Here is a scene between Dev and Maya at a restaurant. Dev shows Maya how to get rid of her phobia of dirt. A very gross scene indeed with some poor attempt at humor. The humor can be termed juvenile at best. Thank God, the scene was deleted.


Deleted KANK Scene # 3 

Here are 6 scenes from KANK that got scissored at the editing table. The second scene also shows Ritesh Deshmukh in it. God knows why he accepted such a miniscule role, that got deleted at the editing table itself. My favorite scene is scene no. 3, where Shah Rukh shouts at the kids.




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