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I have lost 104 kgs : Adnan Sami

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Adnan Sami, a man well known for his singing and a rather massive persona is ready to lose one of the two attributes.

“I have lost 104 kgs and have 25 more to go,” says Adnan earnestly.

For someone who says, “I am greedy, I like everything,” a reality show like The Biggest Loser, that has celebs locked in a house trying to lose weight, wouldn’t have been motivating enough.

Adnan Sami

So, Adnan refused the offer and decided to lose weight on his own. After all the fear of death is stirring enough to shed all that weight.

“It’s not for any cosmetic reason but for my own survival,” Adnan confesses.
And for those interested in getting rid of that flab, here is the diet chart that he follows. “I am on salads, no bread, no rice, no oil and no alcohol,” says Adnan.

Information Courtesy: CNN IBN 

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  1. Comment by Kiran

    Go on! well done, well now at least your healthy and we can listen to your brillant music for many more yaers to come. Carry on and good luck with the 25kg to go, you can do it, you’ve already lost 104kg so keep going

  2. Comment by dinesh jangra

    What is the diet shedule of Mr. Adnan Sami for lose the 104 Kg.

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