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Bollywood Burnout —- Work takes it’s toll on the stars

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Just when everything seemed to be going right for Saif Ali Khan, his sudden hospitalisation following pain in his chest, is a stark reminder of the fact that stardom comes at a price and he is not the only one. Time and again filmstars have felt the pressure, the stress and the harsh reality of being in showbiz.

Pressure takes its toll

Saif Ali Khan is the current toast of tinsel town. He has everything going for him — right banners, right films, and also the much coveted critical acclaim. But late on Sunday evening, Saif was rushed to Mumbai’s Lilavati hospital, where he was admitted to the ICU and doctors suspected a heart attack, leaving Bollywood stunned.

“There is constant pressure on the actors. Something or the other is always going on. If not shooting, then there are shows. It’s tough keeping up with all that and as a matter of fact, I’m scared,” admits director Pradeep Sarkar, who worked with Saif in 2005 blockbuster movie ‘Parineeta’.

Saif chest pain

Saif had been rehearsing for a live performance at a big awards night and while he was heading to the venue, he experienced chest pains following which he had to be rushed to the hospital. The word spread fast and an anxious Bollywood fraternity turned up in full attendance to take stock of Saif’s health.

Sources reveal that Saif has indeed suffered a minor heart attack. An avid gym buff and in the best phase of his career, Saif at a young age of 36 is quite an unlikely candidate for a heart ailment, but sometimes being a star is not easy and maintaining the stardom is even harder.

Apparently, Saif had not slept for three consecutive nights. Back from a shooting schedule in South Africa, he had to immediately report for rehearsals for the awards night, which continued through the day on Sunday.

The heady rush of stardom comes at its own price. Stressful working hours, pressure of performance and staying ahead in the rat race — the adulation is addictive and our stars often push themselves to the limit.

Amitabh sick

Lethal obsession

Hrithik Roshan had a near fatal accident when he pushed himself to do a death defying stunt in ‘Krrish’ last year. In November 2005, Amitabh Bachchan was rushed to the hospital because of a serious stomach ailment triggered by stress.

hrithik injured

In February 2003, Shah Rukh Khan went through a serious back surgery — thanks to years of pushing himself to the limit for his career.

In fact, SRK’s obsession with his work came out quite distinctly when he admitted on the show ‘Frankly Speaking’ that he wanted to burn out.

“I want to burn out. I want to go with a bang. I don’t want to go out like a last flicker of a candle or with a whimper. I want to be working and one day just…boom!”

Shah Rukh

Source: Times Now 

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