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“Saif is absolutely fine”—–Sharmila Tagore

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 Recently Bollwood actor Saif Ali Khan suffered from  a chest pain and was admitted to the ICU. But now he is recovering and his family and well wishers are a happy lot.

Sharmila Tagore is the most relieved mother in the world right now. “He’s absolutely fine. He had a chest pain. They took him to the hospital and did a series of tests. It turned out to be exhaustion. To be on the safer side he has been administered medicine. He’ll be kept under medical care for a couple of days, one more day in the ICU unit. Yes, I’ll be here in Mumbai for a while. In any case, I was planning to come to Mumbai to re-decorate Soha’s place. So, I just had to come a few days earlier. Sunday night was very tense for us. We heard all kinds of rumours about Saif that he had a massive heart attack. But I didn’t buy that initially. I was in touch with the doctors.”

sharmila tagore

“Will I ask him to slow down? I don’t think what happened to him had to do with over-work. For a man, it’s very important to keep working. I’ve seen many people at my age languishing away for the lack of work. I don’t want that to ever happen to him. Saif needs to work to his optimum. So no, I won’t ask him to slow down. But I’ll certainly ask him to stop smoking. Also, to exercise and follow a disciplined lifestyle. Beyond that, no one can predict these things.”

“He had lots of visitors on Sunday night…all his colleagues from the awards function visited him when they heard about his hospitalization. How could they not come to visit him? They’re all his colleagues. But yesterday there weren’t that many visitors. …Saif is very happy. He has got a get-well card from Priyaranjan Das Munshi, Mr Yash Chopra has been calling up. This film industry is an emotional place. The hospital staff and the media have been very supportive. Yesterday when I asked media persons to keep my phone line free, they left my phone alone. Everyone has been supportive because what happened to Saif was so shocking. Thank God it’s all clear for him.”

The rest of Bollywood also prayed for Saif’s quick recovery. Here is what some of them had to say :

 Amitabh Bachchan: I was at an awards function with Aishwarya (Rai) when I came to know Saif had been hospitalised. We went immediately after the show to see him. He looked fine and cheerful. Investigations were on. I told him he must slow down. It’s disturbing to see such a fine lad this way.

Hema Malini: I’d like to tell Saif to take it easy. I know that it isn’t easy. Even if you feel the need to slow down no one out here lets you. But Saif has to get selfish about his well-being. My humble advice to him is, grab time for yourself and find some peace. You’ve earned it.

Arshad Warsi: I think actors today are under a lot of pressure to deliver their best. They’re constantly trying to perform at an optimum level. On top of work pressures we’re constantly under public scrutiny. All of us actors try to balance our professional and personal lives to the best of our abilities. Stress is bound to be there. So, Saif, please take extra care of yourself. Relax and chill. You’re precious to all of us. Hang in there. Lots of love!

Saif Ali Khan

Dino Morea: It’s really sad to hear Saif is unwell. I hope he gets well soon. The workload gets to all of us, no matter how much care we take of our health. It’s easy for me to say Saif should slow down. But he’s in his prime. And he needs to use this time to move ahead. This phase won’t come back again.

Urmila Matondkar: The high feeling of doing good work is so exhilarating that unknowingly one tends to overwork. I’d like to remind Saif that he’s going through one of the best phases in his career. He needs to take it to greater heights. And for that he needs to be in good health. He should take the warning and look after himself.We at  pray for Saif’s quick recovery and wish him all the best for an illustrous career ahead.

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